The inexorable statistics reflect an increasingly sad picture of our time: in the civilized world, the number of people suffering from overweight and obesity is growing. More than a quarter of women (more precisely, 28%, almost a third! ) have every reason to be alarmed and seek help from weight loss experts. After all, extra pounds threaten and harm literally all organs and systems, often becoming the cause of the development of chronic and incurable diseases. But instead of finally having a free consultation at a weight loss clinic at least once, many prefer to turn a blind eye to the problem or traditionally self-medicate. Yes, yes, this is exactly what we should harshly call all kinds of weight loss experiments that are not prescribed by professional doctors.

A girl who wants to lose weight performs body flexion breathing exercises

Some follow a strict diet, others exhaust themselves with intense exercise, and still others take medication to lose weight. Among those who dream of being slim, another separate trend began to gain popularity - bodyflex breathing exercises. Fans of this exotic are sure that to lose weight, all they need to do is perform special exercises combined with special breathing.

So what is bodyflex? Is it really effective? After all, if so, then maybe it would be worth promoting it more actively among the masses? Let's look at this in more detail in this article.

Key Principles of Breathing Exercises

A set of bodyflex exercises (from the English "body" - body, "flex" - flexible) is a weight loss system that combines yoga poses, stretching, Pilates and special deep "diaphragmatic" breathing. It is believed that due to the increased saturation of cells with oxygen, metabolic processes are accelerated, fat burning is activated and weight loss is achieved.

The author of the technique, American housewife Greer Childers, claims that in this way she managed to lose 20 kg, in addition to improving the condition of her skin and increasing her body tone. She explains that breathing techniques are based on the balance between oxygen intake and carbon dioxide production. Due to this, there is a slight increase in blood pressure, increased sweating and certain chemical reactions are triggered that help speed up metabolism and the breakdown of fat molecules. Greer Childers also says that it is not necessary to change your diet and other weight loss techniques. All you need to do is breathe properly.

There are the following key principles of breathing exercises:

  • you need to calm down, slow down your breathing, concentrate on it;
  • breathe slowly and deeply, feel how your lungs expand with the intake of oxygen;
  • contract your lips into a tube and exhale slowly;
  • breathe strongly and deeply through your nose, keeping your lips closed. In this case, the stomach should be inflated and protruded as much as possible;
  • open your lips and exhale through your mouth with the "groin" sound. The lungs must be as empty as possible and the stomach must adhere to the inner wall of the spine;
  • it is necessary to retract the stomach as much as possible, directing the muscle contraction from the bottom up, towards the ribs. You need to stay in this position for 8 to 10 seconds;
  • During this exercise, apnea exercises are performed.

Assessments by proponents of the technique vary. But most often their opinions are unanimous - breathing exercises can be an addition to a course of weight loss, proper nutrition and psychotherapy to improve eating habits. But as an independent means of getting rid of extra pounds, bodyflex, unfortunately, cannot bring noticeable and, most importantly, stable results.

What happens to the body

The creator of the technique, Greer Childers, promises the following positive effects on the body:

  • acceleration of metabolism, metabolic processes;
  • improving well-being, relieving fatigue, apathy;
  • better blood circulation;
  • increase in energy level, tone;
  • removal of waste and toxins due to increased sweating;
  • reduction of fat around the organs (visceral);
  • strengthening the immune system, increasing resistance to viruses and infections;
  • strengthening the muscular corset, especially the abdominal muscles (due to deep diaphragmatic breathing);
  • improving the functioning of internal organs.

Regular exercise actually helps saturate the brain with oxygen. Supporters of the system note an increase in performance and mental capabilities. Additionally, deep breathing can help combat smoking. But the interest in bodyflex is caused by the question of its effectiveness specifically for weight loss. Let's continue with the topic. . .

A set of 10 breathing exercises for weight loss

A similar breathing technique has been used in Indian culture for many years, it is called uddiyana bandha.

The main thing when performing exercises is to combine them with the fundamental principles of breathing:

  1. After drawing in your stomach, without inhaling, you need to take a pose. Fix for 8 to 10 seconds.
  2. At the end of this time, you need to take a deep breath and move on to the next pose.

If you are interested in the intricacies of this technique, today the Internet is full of special video lessons and entire courses where this technique is explained in detail. Let's look at a set of basic exercises.

Diamond Exercise

The Diamond exercise is designed to strengthen arm muscles and reduce fat deposits in the shoulders and forearms. Technique:

  1. You need to take the starting position: stand straight, spread your legs shoulder-width apart, put your arms in front of you. Keep your elbows elevated and touch your fingertips to your chest.
  2. Inhale and exhale deeply with the "groin" sound. Contract your stomach. Record the delay.
  3. While holding your breath, press your fingertips together, resisting this effort. Tension should be felt in the forearm and shoulder area.
Diamond Exercise for Effective Weight Loss in Arms

Only your fingertips should touch. There is no need to lower your elbows, otherwise other muscles will be involved in the work. The posture must be maintained for the same 8 to 10 seconds.

Pulling your arms back

This exercise helps to strengthen the shoulder girdle, arm muscles and forearms. The technique is very similar to the previous exercise:

  • after holding your breath, you must move your arms back;
  • Tension should be felt in the biceps region;
  • Hold this position for 8 to 10 seconds.
Pulling your arms back will help strengthen your shoulder girdle muscles.

Each exercise must be repeated 2-4-6 times, the number of repetitions depends on the level of physical fitness and endurance. You can complement this pose with dumbbells or a fitness band. If you make a little more effort, the effect will be more noticeable.

Side stretch

Side stretching helps to strengthen the muscles on the side surface of the body and reduce waist size. The order of execution is as follows:

  • starting position standing, legs shoulder-width apart;
  • The left foot must be placed on the toe, the right hand must be raised;
  • take a deep breath, tighten your stomach;
  • bring your right hand closer to your ear and make a slight tilt. You should feel tension in the waist area.
You can achieve a slimmer waist by performing side stretches.

The exercise must be performed for 8 seconds. After that, you need to change the arm and leg. It is important to monitor the position of the back, it is not recommended to excessively bend over or slouch excessively in the lower back. The arm should not bend, but remain straight.

Simple press

An effective exercise to reduce abdominal volume is the "Simple Press". Helps strengthen abdominal and neck muscles.

  • starting position: lying on your back, legs bent at the knees;
  • After exhaling, you need to lift your shoulder blades off the floor and hold this position for 8-10 seconds.
Simple Pressure Exercise, helping to reduce abdominal volume

There must be a distance between the chin and the chest, otherwise the load on the neck will increase undesirably. You should stretch your arms forward, raising your shoulder blades as much as possible.

Horizontal scissors

Horizontal scissors strengthen the muscles of the lower abdomen, quadriceps, inner and upper thighs.

  • starting position: lying on your back, lower back pressed firmly against the floor;
  • exhale, draw in your stomach from bottom to top, directing it under your ribs;
  • while holding, lift your legs and do a horizontal scissors for 8 to 10 seconds.

Your toes should be pulled up. The range of movements is small, the exercise must be performed slowly. It is not recommended to lift your head off the floor, as this can undesirably increase the load on the neck muscles.

Vertical scissors

Vertical scissors help to strengthen the abdominal muscles, the lower abdominals are especially involved in the work. Additionally, the thigh muscles are being worked.

  • starting position: lying on your back, lower back pressed firmly against the floor;
  • you need to take a deep breath, draw in your stomach;
  • raise your legs 30-40 cm from the floor without lifting your lower back;
  • make a vertical crossing of the legs while holding, like scissors.

When performing the exercise, the lower back should be pressed against the floor. If you come out, you should lower your legs a little.


The Lifeboat exercise helps stretch and strengthen the muscles in your inner thighs.

  • starting position - sitting on your buttocks, with your legs spread as far apart as possible;
  • exhale, draw in your stomach;
  • lean forward and fix this position.

It is recommended to perform the exercise slowly, without sudden movements. In this case, you need to keep your back straight and pull your toes towards you. You should feel tension in your calves and hamstrings.


The "Pretzel" exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the outer thigh and shape the waist. The creator of the bodyflex system claims that this posture significantly reduces the size of the waist and hips.

  • starting position: sitting on the floor, legs extended;
  • cross the left leg over the right and place it on the foot;
  • the foot of the left leg should be close to the knee of the right leg;
  • breathe, draw in your stomach;
  • turn to your bent left leg and hold your knee with your right hand;
  • hold for ten seconds.
The Pretzel exercise will strengthen the muscles of the outer thighs

The bent knee should be pulled towards the chest, twisting as much as possible at the waist.


The "Dog" exercise is designed to strengthen the muscles of the inner and outer thighs and improve the mobility of the hip joints. Supporters of bodyflex note a decrease in the volume of the hips and the "pants" area.

  • starting position - on your knees and hands;
  • you need to take a deep breath, draw in your stomach;
  • raise your left leg, bent at the knee, at an angle of 90 degrees;
  • fix the position for 10 seconds.

You need to do at least four repetitions: two on each leg. When performing the exercise, you should not raise your head: it is better to look at the floor in front of your palms. This will relieve tension from your neck.


The "Cat" exercise helps you relax, stretch your muscles and strengthen your back muscles.

  • starting position - on your knees and palms;
  • it is necessary to breathe, hold and draw in the stomach as much as possible;
  • round your back, tilt your head down, relax your neck.
Exercise Cat to relieve tension and strengthen back muscles

Hold the pose for ten seconds. It is important not to bend over too much or lift your head. This exercise is especially useful for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle - it increases blood circulation and relieves muscle tension.

Who is not suitable for the breathing method?

The creator of the method, Greer Childers, confidently claims that bodyflex is suitable for losing weight in the abdomen and sides, strengthening the body and increasing overall tone. But professional doctors warn supporters of this method: there is an extensive list of contraindications that you need to familiarize yourself with.


Bodyflex is a special program that may not be suitable for everyone. There are several contraindications. These include:

  1. Hypertension, coronary heart disease, cardiovascular dystonia.
  2. Cardiovascular diseases of a congenital or acquired nature.
  3. Chronic or acute diseases of internal organs.
  4. Chronic diseases that are in remission.
  5. Serious diseases of the visual organs.
  6. Gastrointestinal tract disorders: unstable stools, flatulence, diarrhea.
  7. Disturbances in hormonal levels and the functioning of the endocrine system.
  8. Diabetes.
  9. Oncology.
  10. Postoperative rehabilitation: For one year after spine surgery, this respiratory practice is prohibited.
  11. Thyroid gland disorders.
  12. Phlebeurism.

As you can see, the list of very serious contraindications is quite extensive. Of course, only weight loss experts can take all of them into consideration - and then recommend bodyflex or not. In general, long-term world practice in the fight against obesity shows that for losing weight, complex methods (switching to proper nutrition with the help of psychotherapy) are superior to all other methods. This is what allows the widest audience to not only achieve maximum results in a healthy way, but also - which is always very important for anyone who wants to lose weight - maintain them for a long time.

Opinions of experts and doctors

Opinions about the bodyflex weight loss method vary: everywhere there are clear supporters and opponents. Experts favorably and almost unconditionally allow the use of the bodyflex respiratory system only in some cases:

  1. For women to strengthen their abdominal muscles after giving birth, in the first month. Classical and abdominal exercises are generally contraindicated during this period, and deep diaphragmatic breathing will strengthen the abdominal muscles a little.
  2. People after a stroke may breathe in a supine position, especially if there is atrophy of the limbs.
  3. People with arthritis can do simple exercises to strengthen their muscles, but they should avoid putting pressure on their joints as much as possible.
  4. Breathing according to the bodyflex system will help with a runny nose and clear the airways. In this case, it is better to practice in a bath with the addition of aromatic oils.

For beginners, it is best to use the "bodyflex for beginners" system. Of course, it is best to start it after consulting a doctor. It will work perfectly if the classes are also led by a professional trainer. As a last resort, you can carefully study the sensible video lessons on your own.

Advantages of the bodyflex system

The following advantages are highlighted:

  • there is a decrease in abdominal volume and strengthening of the abdominal muscles;
  • the complex is convenient for beginners, patients with a lot of weight, does not require physical training;
  • deep diaphragmatic breathing improves the functioning of the respiratory system and helps relieve shortness of breath;
  • there is a decrease in appetite;
  • There is an improvement in well-being, increased energy and vigor.

According to the creator of this breathing practice, Greer Childers, after just two weeks of practice you can feel a good result. But other people's opinions on this matter vary greatly, so you definitely shouldn't trust anyone here; The only ones whose feedback would really matter to us are the weight loss professionals.

Features of the bodyflex system

Like any weight loss system, bodyflex has its own characteristics:

  • training is carried out at least 2-2. 5 hours after eating, since with diaphragmatic breathing there is an active movement of the stomach - "pull-bulge", and with a full stomach this is, at least, useless;
  • regularity of classes (daily - at least 15 minutes);
  • the need to ventilate the room before class;
  • active oxygen saturation of the brain can cause dizziness and fainting. This phenomenon is especially common among beginners. Therefore, it is better to carry out at least the first training under the guidance of a specialist;
  • exercises are not effective for people whose body mass index is within the normal range;
  • These breathing and physical exercises should be part of life forever and become an integral part of it, because after stopping all the lost kilos will quickly return.

You can add to this list that deep breathing provides hyperventilation of the lungs, which often ends with a critical decrease in blood acidity and fainting, and holding your breath when exhaling, on the contrary, causes hypoxia (this is a low oxygen content , the consequences of which are irreversible changes in many vital organs). Does the body need this contrast? Will this hurt him? The answers, as you already know, can only be given by a qualified weight loss specialist.

Training results using the bodyflex system

The quantity and quality of changes in the body that you expect from using the bodyflex system actually directly depend not only on the regularity of your training, but also, first of all, on maintaining moderation in your diet and the individual characteristics of your body.

In other words, the effect of the technique itself on weight loss can be considered auxiliary. Firstly, it is not this that expels excess water and melts fat, but rather dietary restrictions and regular exercise. So is it worth undeservedly exaggerating your role in your victories?

Three rules for a good result

There are three rules that can enhance the effect of training. These include:

  1. Regularity of training.At the same time, its duration is not important, the main thing is every day.
  2. It is preferable to exercise on an empty stomach.Best of all is in the morning, right after waking up or two to three hours after your last meal.
  3. Avoiding strict diets.The creator of the method recommends eliminating fast food and reducing portions of fatty, fried and salty foods.

These rules can speed up the appearance of results a little. But we must not forget about possible contraindications, an impressive list of which is presented above, and, of course, the decisive role of a consulting doctor - a qualified weight loss specialist.

Opinion of an 'expert

Bodyflex is a system of breathing exercises, often perceived as an alternative to the gym weight loss method. The author of the method is the American housewife Greer Childers, who wrote the book "Get a great figure in 15 minutes a day. "In it, she described her own experience of weight loss after childbirth using breathing practices originally taken from yoga approaches.

Bodyflex involves exercises with a special breathing style. It is believed that adipose tissue is oxidized by oxygen - therefore this breathing must be deeper and more intense. The basic principles of bodyflex include:

  1. Regular exercises for special deep breathing in special poses - "diamond", "lion's grimace", "boat" and others.
  2. Exercises must be performed regularly; interruption or cessation leads not only to halted weight loss, but even to relapse.
  3. Exercises should be performed no earlier than 2 hours after eating, next time you can eat only more than 0. 5 hours after the end of training.
  4. Changes in food and diet are recommended, for example, adding more fiber to the daily menu.
  5. Regular volume measurements, body weighing.

The materials dedicated to bodyflex are quite contradictory. Unfortunately, none of the articles contain physiological or biochemical proof of the mechanism of action of this method.

On the one hand, adipose tissue is actually oxidized by oxygen, which is ultimately supplied by hemoglobin in the blood. On the other hand, this oxidation does not occur directly, but under the influence of a cascade of enzymes. In addition, blood hemoglobin in a healthy person is saturated with oxygen by 85-95%, and even if this figure is increased to 100%, the difference in the absolute numbers of oxygen received will not be significant.

In addition, oxygen is a universal oxidizing agent, therefore, if it acted directly on it, it would affect not only fat, but also all proteins, carbohydrates and cell membranes (consisting mainly of phospholipid fats), which would lead to inevitable destructive consequences for the body. Therefore, it is impossible to directly interpret the effects of bodyflex through the increase in the amount of oxygen and its action.

At the same time, there are studies that really indicate a certain effect of lungs and breathing on adipose tissue - but not directly, but indirectly. For example, during its initial decomposition, fat produces a glycerol alcohol molecule and fatty acid molecules that can enter the blood and circulate there for some time. Recently, studies have shown that the fatty acid content in the pulmonary artery (which carries blood from the heart to the lungs) is noticeably higher than in the pulmonary vein (which carries blood back from the lungs to the heart). This suggests that some fatty acids are directly oxidized in lung tissue; breathing can actually influence this process.

Deep, intense breathing can also make the diaphragm and respiratory muscles more active, which in turn increases the body's energy expenditure and can slightly increase the basal metabolic rate. Furthermore, breathing practices can have a beneficial effect on the emotional state, allowing to reduce experiences, stress and thus indirectly influence emotional eating behavior.

Thus, the bodyflex system in some cases can have a beneficial effect on body weight at the level of other aerobic physical activities - but not due to direct oxygen saturation, as its authors indicate, but rather as an integrated approach to changing nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle. However, there are several contraindications for bodyflex:

  • pregnancy;
  • severe heart failure;
  • glaucoma;
  • hernias;
  • tachycardia, other types of arrhythmia;
  • oncology;
  • bronchial asthma and other lung diseases.

Also, you should not practice bodyflex alone at the initial stage, as intense breathing leads to a pronounced decrease in the level of carbon dioxide in the blood, which can cause dizziness, disorientation and other side effects. It's worth weighing the pros and cons before starting. If you use bodyflex, it is most likely an auxiliary system for changing your diet and lifestyle.